"Stop seeking out the storms and enjoy more fully the sunlight" ~Gordon B. Hinckley

Monday, February 10, 2014

It's almost Baby Time!

In January, I was able to go to Temecula to visit family and to have my baby shower. I am so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life who love and support me...my family especially! My sister and mom, along with the Arzingers created a picture perfect day and I couldn't stop smiling.

The baby shower morning started off with my nephew wearing this cute shirt!

At the Arzinger home there was tons of fresh fruit and yogurt!

 The snacks were all designed around different children's storybooks. SO, SO CREATIVE!

 We also had the cutest most delicious cake! Love all the blue!!

Rebecca showing off the ombre cake inside :)

 We played some really fun games and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Thanks so much for coming!

 The beautiful, amazing, loving hosts and creators!

So glad these two amazing women are in my life and that I have great examples to look to to be a great mom!

Quick Pregnancy Update: Only about 3 1/2 weeks left! Can hardly believe it! I have been blessed to have a pretty easy pregnancy. Still haven't been sick, healthy baby, and haven't been too uncomfortable. Hardest part: choosing a name :)

 This picture was at 35 weeks

Our baby boy's side of face and fingers. Already in love!!

Christmas Time

It has only been a month and a half, but December seems like so long ago. We started off the month by putting up our Christmas decorations.  The place we are renting this year is smaller than the one we had in Idaho, so we couldn't put everything up, but our tree fit nicely and our home felt nice and cozy during the cold cold month.

 Rustin was involved with one of the Folk Dance teams at BYU this year, and spent a lot of the semester getting them ready for their Christmas Around the World Concert. This year's concert used a lot of "extras'' to make a village square scene, so, one of the nights, Rustin and I were able to dress up in Russian and Indian costumes and participate in the background while the dancers performed. It was a neat experience to be on the stage side for me after attending the concert as an audience member many times.

We spent Christmas this year in Vacaville with the Van Katwyks. We had a great trip spending time with family and friends and enjoying the warm sunshine :) Here's a quick glance at some things we did.

 On December 23rd the Van Katwyks and extended family always celebrate "Little Christmas". We had a yummy dinner and then the younger kids performed the Nativity. 

 Christmas morning

 Christmas dinner at Grandpa and Grandma Van Katwyk's house

 We played lots of games!

 The Yorgason family came up the day after Christmas and Cammie, Rustin's sister, brought supplies so we could throw a family glow stick party. We got all decorated and then danced to loud music.

 (Between the "lights on" and "light off" pictures I added a smiley face to my belly). Whenever the baby hears music he moves and kick a LOT! He already has dance skills like his dad.

Cammie is due a week after me with her fourth boy! Such an amazing mom and it was fun being able to see each other while we are both pregnant.

 For New Years we celebrated Rustin's mom's birthday, and toasted in the New Year!

 One of Rustin's close friends, Steve, and his girlfriend Brittany, joined us for the celebrations

October Recap

A bit behind...October was such a fun and busy month! Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays... seems like every week we have something to celebrate. I love it!

This year for my 26th birthday Rustin took me to Thanksgiving Point for the giant corn maze, fall activities and to eat at the yummy cafe they have there. For those of you who don't know what Thanksgiving Point is, I will try to explain. It a large complex with gardens, museums, movies theaters, outdoor concerts, a giant farm, lots of stuff for learning. Its pretty cool and they have different events going on for different seasons. Side note: As a last date before I moved to California in 2010 Rustin took me to the Tulip Gardens that they have in the spring. 

Anyways, we had a lot of fun! The weather turned really cold that first week of October so you will notice we are wearing our heavy coats. A bit early to see my breath if you ask me. The corn maze was huge and it took us a good while to make our way through it. We watched pig races, played some games, and worked on our rope throwing technique. Despite the cold, after our dinner we went and got frozen yogurt. 
Outside the corn maze

The next morning (my actual birthday) Rustin surprised me with roses. We stayed home most of the day since it was General Conference for our church. In the LDS church, general conferences are a semiannual meeting where general authorities and other church leaders preach sermons and give guidance to church members that we watch and listen to on TV. I always love general conference weekend, even better when your birthday falls on it :)  Overall a great birthday!

We also celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary this past October. It has gone fast in some ways but in other ways seems like we have been married for a lot longer, in good ways of course. Looking back in our three years of marriage we have lived in 5 different states! What an adventure we have been on! We decided to paint ceramics and go out to dinner this year to celebrate. I painted a decorative vase and Rustin painted an amazing Halloween plate. His turned out so good and everyone in the store was talking about it. Its a scene from the old Disney Halloween show called "Skeleton Dance". He sure does have talent!

Because of the lack of anywhere to go and Rustin having to work late on Halloween we decided not to dress up this year. It was kind of a bummer because I love putting our costumes together, but we still had fun carving pumpkins and making Halloween sugar cookies. 

 Rustin's pumpkin is the Headless Horseman and mine is an ultrasound baby

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Summer Updates!

Where did summer go this year! I swear I just packed up winter clothes and now I am getting them out again. Guess it doesn't help that Rexburg let winter continue through most of spring. We did some fun things though and after the Rexburg winter I don't think I have ever enjoyed the warmth of the sun more in my life. Here are some pictures of things we did.

 Over 4th of July weekend Rustin and I ran a Color in Motion 5k. It was a beautiful day and so fun to do something different. While we ran, people threw color chalk at us so we ended the run super bright and colorful. Here are our before and after pictures.

Towards the end of July we had to say goodbye to some amazing friends who were moving to Texas. We only knew each other for a year but it always felt like we had been friends for a lifetime. I would watch their little boy sometimes during the week which was so much fun because he is such a cute kid. We loved doing things as couple too! We miss you guys!

 Matching vests at church

The last weekend in July, Steve Myler and his family came up to Rexburg and invited us to go river rafting with them. I had never gone before and was so excited to finally get the opportunity. The day turned out kind of rainy and cold but we still had a blast. After rafting we went to Jackson Hole and had dinner and walked around.
 Before we went down the river
 Brittany and Steve got matching jackets
The famous Jackson Hole arch.

Along with our friends moving, WE MOVED!! We left Rexburg and headed for Utah in August. We moved into a cute little place in Orem and are excited to be back. Rustin is teaching at BYU, not the exact position he applied for back in February, but they have given him lots of work and he is staying busy. We feel blessed to have a job. Our church ward has put us to work too, asking us to help with the Stake Dance Activity and be our ward coordinators. We are teaching about 60 youth four different styles of dance which they will use in an activity coming up in November. It has been quite the experience learning the dances myself and am slowly getting better. So much fun!

Loading up the u-haul. It was a hot day and amazing Rustin practically loaded the entire thing all by himself. Why you ask??

Because in March we are becoming parents!!! Yup we are starting our family and couldn't be more excited!
So far the pregnancy has been great. I haven't have a day of sickness. So wonderful.  Besides being pretty tired and hungry all the time I have had it super easy. Very few weird cravings, more along the lines of things sounding good but not like I need them right that minute. Let's hope things continue to go smooth :)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Cruisin' Alaska

In June we were lucky enough to go on a cruise with the Van Katwyks and Yorgasons to Alaska. We left on Sunday from Seattle and then spent a day at sea playing games and eating delicious food.

Seattle skyline before our ship headed out

 After a day at sea we finished off the night with one of our two formal dinner nights. I enjoyed getting all dressed up and ate an amazing dinner!

Cammie and Andy before dinner

Logan trying escargot at dinner. Yum! Yum!

On Tuesday, we made our first stop in Ketchikan, Alaska.  
This picture is of Tanner in front of our ship while ported in Ketchikan.

 In Ketchikan we were able to watch a Lumberjack show. The four lumberjacks competed in a variety of events and were pretty amazing. 

 After the Lumberjack show we took a tour of the local totem poles which were really fascinating.

Our next stop was in Juneau, Alaska. This place was how I always pictured Alaska. Mountains, forests,  glaciers, and wild bald eagles just flying around. This picture is of the group in front of the Mendenhall Glacier.

Closer up to the the Mendenhall Glacier. So beautiful!

 After visiting the glacier we had a delicious fresh salmon dinner.

Before we returned to the ship we took a tram ride up the side of the mountain and witnessed some breathtaking views.

 Our last Alaskan stop was in Skagway. In the morning we took a train ride up through the mountains and saw some more of beautiful Alaska. 
 A view from the train 
Visiting a sculpture garden in Skagway

 Our last stop of our cruise was in Victoria, British Columbia. Here we spent the evening at the gorgeous Butchart Gardens

After another day at sea we made it back to Seattle. What an amazing trip we had! It was so fun to spend time with family and see new places!